One of the biggest obstacles to achieving our vision is unemployment. The rates of unemployment in Pendle are high and are trending upwards and this leads to further problems such as poverty, homelessness, a lack of food, and an inability to pay utility bills which creates high levels of stress, anxiety, and other mental health-related illnesses. We are seeing a high number of people turning to our Foodbank as a result of unemployment.
There are many people who are enthusiastic about returning to work but are struggling to find work. Some of the reasons why they might be struggling are that they could require help and support in navigating the process of finding employment.
Therefore, to remedy this NCM Khidmah launched the employment coaching service in June 2020.
We have an excellent team of experienced employment coaches who them have helped hundreds of people find jobs and careers.
Our coaches can help improve your chances of securing employment by:
  • Helping you prepare your CV
  • Supporting you in completing job applications
  • Training you on how and where to apply for jobs
  • Coaching you on the interview process
  • Re-establishing your confidence in finding a job
Our service is completely free of charge.
To book an appointment with an employment coach please call 01282 899195 or email
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