Serving food to the needy is a rich tradition in Islam. The word Langar in originally a Persian word and means giving food to the needy regardless of race, religion or social background.

Nelson Community Langar was set up in January 2022. The aim is to provide hot meals to those in need in Pendle.
We are finding that more and more people are going without any hot meals for various reasons. There are people who have no cooking facilities. There are others who are unable to afford gas and electricity and are therefore missing out on hot meals. We also have people whose health means that they find it difficult to cook. There are many families living in Pendle who struggle during school holidays and are forced to go without any hot meals.
Nelson Community Langar aims to provide as much hot meals as we can to those in need.

If you require a hot meal or you are an organisation that has a service user please get in touch with us by completing the Foodbank Referral Form:

Foodbank Referral Form